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  • On this very auspicious day of Ramadan, we are very glad to release the country specific Hijri calendar 1442 as well as the Islamic Calendar 2021 in Gregorian format for the year 2021.

An Islamic Calendar for Makkah - Page 5

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X. A dedicated Website

In order to make the new Makkah calendar available to the general public, we have created a dedicated Website with the following address:
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At present the reader will find the calendars from Islamic years 1431 to 1450 (current year 1431). We will keep on adding additional years in order to reach Islamic year 1500.


In his days, Galileo established, against all current thought, that it is the earth that revolves around the sun, and not the contrary. In our days, science – celestial mechanics in particular – clearly establishes that every point on the globe has its own calendar so that, ipso facto, a national calendar is neither justified nor legitimate. It is then remarkable that astronomy can still be used in order to define an accurate calendar for any given point of the globe for decades in advance. A grid of such calendars for various metropolitan cities of the world can contribute towards the establishing of a universal Islamic calendar, or at least calendars that rely on accurate scientific data.


“If you are asked about the phases of the moon, tell them: 'They are marks in time, intended for men and for fixing the pilgrimage.'” (Koran, Surat 2, verse 189).
As stipulated by the Prophet in several Hadiths, the Hegirian month begins with the visibility of the new moon. A few are quoted below:

First Hadith

“We are an illiterate community. We neither write nor count. The months are sometimes like this and sometimes like that, i.e. sometimes with 29 days and sometimes with 30.” (Reported by Al Bukhari, vol. 5, p. 2485, according to the narration of the son of Omar, transmitted by Said Ibn Awz.)

Second Hadith

“Fast when you see the crescent and finish fasting when you see the crescent. If you do not perceive it, complete the month of Sha’ban with 30 days.” (Reported by Al Bukhari, vol. 5, p. 3476, according to the narration of Abu Hurayra, transmitted by Mohammed Ibn Ziyad.)

Thus the need for vision, otherwise instruction for completing the month in 30 days.

Third Hadith

“If you see it, fast, and if you see it (again), stop fasting. If you do not see it, determine it by calculation.” (Reported by Al Bukhari, vol. 5, p. 2467, according to the narration by the son of Gurat.)

Calculation is thus necessary !