• NEW!   We have published detailed announcement about start date of Ramadan 2021. Please click link below to read it.
  • On this very auspicious day of Ramadan, we are very glad to release the country specific Hijri calendar 1442 as well as the Islamic Calendar 2021 in Gregorian format for the year 2021.
Gregorian date Hegirian date Duration hegirian month
18-12-2009  Friday 1st  Muharram Muharram  30 days
17-01-2010  Sunday 1st  Safar Safar  29 days
15-02-2010  Monday 1st  Rabi' I Rabi' I  30 days
17-03-2010  Wednesday 1st  Rabi' II Rabi' II  30 days
16-04-2010  Friday 1st  Jumada I Jumada I  29 days
15-05-2010  Saturday 1st  Jumada II Jumada II  30 days
14-06-2010  Monday 1st  Rajab Rajab  29 days
13-07-2010  Tuesday 1st  Sha'ban Sha'ban  29 days
11-08-2010  Wednesday 1st  Ramadan Ramadan  30 days
10-09-2010  Friday 1st  Shawwal Shawwal  29 days
09-10-2010  Saturday 1st  Dhul-Qi'dah Dhul-Qi'dah  29 days
07-11-2010  Sunday 1st  Dhul-Hijjah Dhul-Hijjah  30 days

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Printable Islamic Calendar 2021 / Hijri Calendar 1442 / Muslim Calendar for all countries of the world. This calendar is in Arabic & English. Important islamic festivals have been marked in the calendar. Click islamic calendar 1442 to read more about it.