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But truth, unfortunately, is bitter

Recently, a friend who is a doctor in a hospital confided in me with the following story: he received in his clinic a family of four – the father, the mother, the daughter of about 30, and her son of 10 or so.
Since theirs was a hereditary affection, the doctor inquired about their respective identities.
It then transpired that the young boy was the son of his maternal grandfather. What struck me most in the narrative, besides the incestuous fact, it is the contrast enters on one hand the obedience and the submission of the parents, and on the other hand the hardness and the harshness of their daughter to them.
This attitude reminded me, in more than one regard, that of the slave trader to his slave!

Indeed, from our Muslim point of view, the last conditions for the advent of the Impostor Messiah are now fulfilled!

My heart is however filled with hope because, in our creed, the reign of perversity and of the generalised masquerade will only last forty days. Forty long days doubtlessly, but at the end of which the Messiah, the true Jesus, son of Mary – on Him the salvation of God –, will come back on earth.

He will kill the Impostor and will reestablish the transcendental values which our world so lacks!

و السلام عليكم


During the debates which followed the conference, several questions about the coming of the Impostor Messiah and the return of the Authentic Messiah were raised. Here are a some hints at a reply, most of which have been selected from the abridged version of the Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Op. 1, p. 459 & 461) written by Essabouni (Dar El Qur’an El Karîm publishers).

P. 461:

Muslim reports in his treaty, with reference to the Hadith (the words of the Prophet, salvation and blessings be upon him) of Annawas that:
“The Messenger of God once evoked the Impostor Messiah. After accurately depicting him and defining all his characteristics, he talked to us about his guile, his treachery, his deception and about his hold on people’s minds.
He even added: “He will walk past a site in ruins and will order treasures out of it. They will crop up and follow him like a swarm of bees He will hail a young man, strong and vigorous, and will split him in two halves with one blow of his sword. Later, he will call him out again. The young man will then come to him laughing and jubilant with joy.
Meanwhile, the Messiah, son of Mary (blessings be upon him) will come down (from heaven) next to the white minaret, to the East of Damascus. He will be wearing saffron clothes and will arrive, his hands resting on the wings of two angels.
Each time he bows or raises his head, pearls will seem to be pouring out of him. The miscreant touched by his breath will succumb immediately. The reach of his breath is as great as the reach of eyesight. The Messiah will chase the impostor up to the door of Lod where he will catch up with him and kill him.”

P. 459:

Imam Ahmed quotes the following words spoken by the Prophet (salvation and blessings be upon him) and passed down by Abu Hurayra: “Those sent forth are brothers, brothers whose mothers are different but whose religion is one and only.
It is certain that Jesus, son of Mary, is the one I am closest to, because between him and myself, no other was sent forth. He will come (back), that is certain! When you shall see him you shall be able to recognise him, with his medium height, his fair skin – whitish yet slightly rose-tinted –, his saffron clothes, his hair which drips even though it has not been wetted. He will break the crucifix, put the pig to death and abolish head tax.
He will call people to Islam and, during his presence on earth, God will eradicate all religions but Islam. He will kill the Impostor Messiah. Peace and security will reign on earth to such an extent that lions will graze along with camels, tigers with cattle, wolves with sheep, and children with play with serpents which will not ever harm them.
When he dies he will have been on earth for forty years. Upon his demise, Muslims will celebrate the burial service and will pray in front of his mortal remains.”

Do note that another Hadith mentions only a five-year-long second sojourn of Jesus – salvation be upon him. Many exegeses underline the fact that 40 years correspond to the entire length of his stay on earth, 35 years for the first one, 5 for the second. And God know better than anyone !