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When the individual realises that he/she is alone, without internal resources, he/she often goes to seek solutions to his problems on the psychoactive drug shelves of the chemist shop.
It is difficult to figure – it even leaves doctors wondering – whether some people actually are sick, or whether they are unable to cope with the harshness of existence.

In order to elaborate on the issue of drug addiction, we must relate it to the hedonistic context of today. In this context, it is considered very proper to please oneself and to fulfil all of one’s desires!

Of course, man cannot live without experiencing and sharing pleasures. Of course, pleasure is the foremost element stimulating our psyches, and very naturally, the child allows itself to be drawn by pleasure until it discovers the limitations which life imposes upon us.
But how many efforts, how much time, how many sacrifices, and sometimes how much suffering are necessary to carry through an activity, to find the suitable response in a given situation, to keep up a relationship - marriage for instance -, or to accomplish a project!
Thereafter, the pleasure we derive from this appears to be more of a consequence than an end in itself.
However, many people, mostly the youth, tend to give up an activity the moment it becomes difficult, to “throw in the sponge” as in the aptly coined idiom.
This attitude is far from helping them cope with the frustrations of life which everybody has to learn to assume and overcome.

Pleasure, on the other hand

Is the sign of an activity. A constant activity that animates the psychical life of man.
It sends back to imaginary scenarios, which can be usefully acknowledged for better personal self-understanding.
Each man is indeed the bearer of a story, a childhood and family story. Therefore, desire is often related to the lost objects of childhood, that is, related to beings and things which are never to be found again unless reality were to be violated.
Films such as A Clockwork Orange, Last Tango in Paris, Blow-Out, Basic Instinct stage the frantic attempts to fulfil desires exactly as they present themselves to our imaginative faculties.
They describe the violence of desires which express themselves one against the other, thus leading to death.
This conception of pleasure is not satisfaction. It is the experience of nothingness!

Let us come to drugs, if you don’t mind

By emptying themselves from inside thanks to drugs, our contemporaries cut the bridges with themselves. Or rather, they attempt to do so. It is as if they could no more tolerate themselves, their individualities and subjectivities. Initially, one takes drugs to escape, to forget. But dependence is quick to occur. Fast, very fast, one begins to do drugs to survive. Because lack lies at the core of human nature.
And it is through acknowledgement of the lack and incompletion of our condition that we can learn to take hold of ourselves and to accept life by freeing ourselves from the illusion of human desires.

Ibn El Qayim El Jawzia very accurately states in his treaty entitled “The degrees of progression” -“Les degrés dans le cheminement” - :
“ There is in the heart of man, a dispersion which only the acceptance of Allah will assemble, a lack which only the company of Allah will fill, a sadness which only the joy of knowing Allah and a rightful behaviour toward Him will dissipate. There also is in the heart of man an anguish which only refuge in Allah and union with Him can soothe.”

Indeed, “Hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah” (Koran, sura 13, verse 28).

Another tragic consequence of Inner Vacuity: Suicide

Suicide is the first cause of mortality among the golden age group, that is, those who are between 13-16 to 24-25 years old.
Generally, road accidents are quoted as being the first cause of mortality among the youth, but if one subtracts all the accidents which are actually suicides in disguise, the first cause turns out to be suicide.
Suicide is a precious indicator for the psychological status of a given society. According to a study published at the beginning of 2006 by the “Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction” -“Observatoire des Drogues et des Toxicomanies” - in Paris, teenagers from blighted urban districts drink more, smoke more and, most of all, the suicide rate is higher among them than among fellow-teenagers from less stigmatised working-class areas. For them, money is often a substitute for identity. More often than not, it serves as an inner camouflage.
To achieve an in-depth treatment of suicide, what is required is a response to the needs of the youth: a need for love, inwardness, sincerity and freedom.
A paradox! Yes, there is a real contradiction between the frantic quest of these young people for original authentic values, and the princes governing this world, who never seem to spend enough of their energy advocating lie, treachery, adultery, unfaithfulness, theft and cruelty.