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By “trendy religion”, we mean “fashionable ideology

It takes the shape of an informal religion, attempting to impose itself upon each one of us through circumstances, i.e. the joys and vicissitudes of daily life.

Its aims could first seem very attractive: a changed life, universal love, inner peace, endless progress, the invention of the self, the immediate fulfillment of desires etc.
Only one single actor in this scenario: man, or more exactly, the individual.How does he achieve this? What references are in his mind? Well, he does so with himself as sole reference!

The leitmotiv is “Myself and me”

“Me”, means that “I am the reference for each and every thing”. And actually, the philosophers who conceived of May 1968, such as Marcuse, Reuch, Deleuze or Foucault, all put forward the concept of the “Man-God”.
They underline the emergence of an all-powerful narcissism.
By doing so, they ascribe to Man what belongs to God and make Man the reference which ordains: “This is good, this is bad”.
They thus forget that any religion, before being a moral code of conduct, is before and beyond anything else a mystical relationship with the Other, i.e. with God.
The key-individual would thus be able to build his identity, his norms and his values, ignoring the norms of society! But what he calls “my norms” and “my values” are often only subjective experiences and temporary feelings clear of any universal dimension.
True norms, true values do not depend on subjective schemes.
They depend on a real objective dimension, which exceeds and transcends the uniqueness of the subject and his petty individual experiences.
This very subject, and this is where his downfall lies, does not have the capacity to establish norms.
And so, he creates words, he tries to change language!

Thus we speak of:
       - parentality to designate pseudo-parents
       - démariage or disestablishment of marriage to trivialise divorce
       - monoparental family instead of maternal or paternal home
       - recomposed family instead of new family, whereas a child can only have 1 father, 1 mother, and 4 grand-parents
       - in French, the same terms “beau-père” and “belle-mère” are used to designate the step-parents and the parents-in-law, though the child is not the son/daughter-in-law of the new partner of his father / mother.
We also hear of domestic democracy, to place children on an equal footing with parents, which also implies that the former have nothing to learn from the latter.
Well, it has been demonstrated more than once: modifying language does not change the reality of beings and of things.
However, it can change, and deeply too, the mental representations we make of them!

The parental function, for instance

When, luckily, the family survives, the child can grow up between father and mother.All children indeed wish to be raised by both their parents.
They need both the adults to achieve the structuring of their intelligence and affectivity.
    • The mother is the source of security allowing to contain anguish and fears. She occupies the imaginary space from where the child gets the illusion that the world is within its reach.
    • The paternal function, on the other hand, leads the child to individuation by separating it from the mother, by undoing the fusion with the mother. The paternal function forces the child to occupy its own place in the line of descent, between father and mother, and consequently, it forces the child to conform to its sexual identity.
    • The paternal function corresponds to the position of the other, of the third party. The father is a partner of the mother, he is not a second mother.

“Teenagers”, as Françoise Dolto very aptly writes, “can solve most of the problems thanks to their thought process, simply by imagining their mother’s compassion and their father’s directing role.”

Another example: the Educational function

For the maths lovers, let us say that today, the function in the field of education is the inverse function of the traditional educational function. The child is not prompted to identify itself to the same-sex parent. Parents are the ones who try to identify with their children. To be “with it”, one has to stay young and adolescent. When one deigns to take care of the children, one emphasises the ability to listen and playful activities.
To such an extent that when these children come of age, they will be bereft of norms and competency. And thus many of them are tempted by drugs, alcohol and sometimes even suicide.
Indeed, to educate means to be the mediator between the child or the teenager and the outside world.
Unfortunately, we are immersed in a world saturated with information, an information which reaches directly the child or the teenager.
And therefore, the educator – parent or other – is deprived of his role! Let us not be blind to the fact that the ongoing crisis affecting education is a major one.
Can School still be saved?” (Peut-on encore sauver l’école ?), the title speaks for itself. Published by Flammarion, this work was written by the distinguished Professor Dacunha-Castelle, of whom I had the great honour of being a student, and who once was a special advisor to the Minister Claude Allègre.
In “The Moron Factory” (La Fabrique du cretin), Jean-Paul Briglelli very relevantly elucidates the reasons of this disturbing drift (Ed. J.C. Gawsewitch).
Last but not least, the massive affluence towards private schools is a proof of the magnitude of the disaster. At the start of the academic year in September 2006, more than 20 000 candidates to private schools had not been able to secure a seat!
At the start of the academic year in September 2011, the malaise seems to extend to private schools. Nearly 4500 teaching posts have been deleted in 4 years; the number of students per class has increased significantly. Teachers, students, especially parents, are worried!