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Shawwal 2017 [Shawwal 1438] Crescent Photos - Technical Details

Location : FAAA Tahiti, French Polynesia

Shawwal 2017 moon photo - French Polynesia
Name of the Observers : Roland Santallo
Observation Date : June 24, 2017
Observation Time : 18h26 local time ( 04:26 UTC Time)
Country :French Polynesia
City : FAAA Tahiti
Latitude : 17 deg. 33 minutes, 4.91 seconds South.
Longitude : 149 deg. 35 minutes, 15.03 seconds West.
Time Zone : UTC-10
Altitude : 100m
Temperature : 29° C [In Celsius]
Relative Humidity :70 % [In %]
Pressure :1014.5 mbar
Observation Status : Seen
Condition of the Western Sky: Cloudy
Atmospheric Condition near the Western Horizon: Hazy
Naked Eye Observation: The Crescent was seen by naked eye
Binocular Observation: The Crescent was seen by binoculars
Telescopic Observation: The Crescent was seen by Telescope
Number of Observers: Alone (1)