Important announcement about Eid Al Fitr 2012 [Aid El Fitr 2012]

Eid Al Fitr 2012 [1433] / Aid El Fitr 2012 [1433] should be celebrated on Sunday, 19th August 2012 all over the world. Please read detailed announcement about celebrating Eid Al Fitr 2012 [1433] / Aid El Fitr 2012 [1433] here.

New 1434 Calendar

We will be soon releasing new 1434 calendar [Gregorian Year 2012 - 2013]. Please click here to book you FREE copy.

Ramadan 2012 [ramzan 2012]

End of Ramadan 2012 [ramzan 2012]

Ramadan 2012 [ramzan 2012] should end on Saturday, 18th August 2012. Please read our detailed announcement of Eid Al Fitr 2012 [Aid El Fitr 2012] here.

Note on starting of Ramadan 2012 [ramzan 2012] by various countries

Numerous countries in Africa, in Asia and in Europe have decided that the month of Ramadan should begin on Friday 20th July 2012. This is particularly the case in Algeria, in France and in Saudi Arabia where several witnesses are reported to have seen the new crescent during the night of 19th to 20th July 2012, as announced by their official communication. But, tangibly, no visibility was possible there as can attest astronomical observatories around the world.Thus disdaining both Sharia and science they assume the heavy burden of false witness.

Article - An examination of important Islamic dates fixed by the Saudi Arabian Authorities

Important Announcement about starting Ramadan 2012 [Ramadan 1433 / Ramzan 2012] fasting

North, South and Central America and some African countries should start Ramadan 2012 - Ramadan 1433 [Ramzan 2012] on Friday, 20th July 2012 whilst the rest of the world should start Ramadan 2012 - Ramadan 1433 [Ramzan 2012] on Saturday, 21st July 2012. Please click here to see the country list arranged according to these two dates. To understand why some countries should start Ramadan 2012 on 20th July 2012 and why others on 21st July, 2012 , please click here.

Country List arranged by the starting date of Ramadan 2012 / Ramzan 2012

Explanation of why some countries should start Ramadan 2012 / Ramzan 2012 on 20th July 2012 and others on 21st July 2012

Update on Crescent Photgraphs to be taken on 19th July 2012 from French Polynesia

Unfortunately, due to clouds, the astronomical groups we contacted in French Polynesia could not photograph the new moon on 19th July 2012. However, we are waiting for the response from another group. Following is the response we got

“Dear Sir

I'm sorry, but I could not observe the crescent Moon to day and take pictures . West horizon very cloudy

For your information I follow the sun during the afternoon, and around 17:00 local time, the clouds came.

I received a report of other observers, on the west coast of Tahiti and also they have not been successful in getting new moon photographs today . ( negative observations . clouds on the horizon.)

my observers in islands of Raiatea and Marquise, were unable to observe.

I'm really disappointed, I was a joy to bring my contribution to your calendar

Please accept my apologies.”