• We are very glad to release the country specific Hijri calendar 1439 as well as the Islamic Calendar 2018 in Gregorian format for the year 2018.
  • NEW!   We are very glad to announce that Ramadan 2018 / 1439 will start on Wednesday, 16th Mayin North, Central and South America, as well as in a few countries of Africa and in French Polynesia.
Gregorian date Hegirian date Duration hegirian month
07-12-2010  Tuesday 1st  Muharram Muharram  30 days
06-01-2011  Thursday 1st  Safar Safar  29 days
04-02-2011  Friday 1st  Rabi' I Rabi' I  30 days
06-03-2011  Sunday 1st  Rabi' II Rabi' II  30 days
05-04-2011  Tuesday 1st  Jumada I Jumada I  30 days
05-05-2011  Thursday 1st  Jumada II Jumada II  29 days
03-06-2011  Friday 1st  Rajab Rajab  30 days
03-07-2011  Sunday 1st  Sha'ban Sha'ban  29 days
01-08-2011  Monday 1st  Ramadan Ramadan  29 days
30-08-2011  Tuesday 1st  Shawwal Shawwal  30 days
29-09-2011  Thursday 1st  Dhul-Qi'dah Dhul-Qi'dah  29 days
28-10-2011  Friday 1st  Dhul-Hijjah Dhul-Hijjah  30 days