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Hijri Calendar 2013 (1434)

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Printable Islamic Calendar 2013 / Hijri Calendar 2013 / Muslim Calendar for Makkah (Islamic Year 1434). This calendar is based on the predicted visibility of the new moon and it is in English & Arabic languages. This calendar only shows the start date of each Islamic Month and it is exactly the same as the Islamic Calendar available on our website. Following are some important islamic dates as per this calendar.

Islamic Event Day Gregorian Date
Ra´s Essana 1st Muharram 15-November-2012
Ashura 10 Muharram 24-November-2012
El Mawlid Annabawi 12 Rabi' I 24-January-2013
El Isrâ Wal Mi'raj 27 Rajab 06-June-2013
Laylatulbarâa 15 Sha'ban 24-June-2013
Ramadan 1st Ramadan 10-July-2013
Ghazwat Badr 17 Ramadan 26-July-2013
Laylatulqadr 27 Ramadan 05-August-2013
Aid El Fitr 1st Shuwwal 08-August-2013
Wuquf Arafat 09 Dhulhijja 14-October-2013
Aid El Adha 10 Dhulhijja 15-October-2013