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Eid Al-Fitr 2013 [Aid El-Fitr 1434] Crescent Photograph - Technical Details

Name of the Photographers:    Andrea Monaldi and Elvio Alanis (both physicists)

Location of the observer:    Argentina. Salta. Long: 65º 20’ W Lat 24º 41’ S. Altitude 1200 m

Condition of the western Sky:    Sky Clear - temp 22º C – RH 47% - Atm. Pres. 867.8 HPa

Date and Time of local sunset:    Local sunset 18:55 (astronomical) (21:55 UT)

Time of last sighting of the crescent moon:    19:25 local time (22:55 UT)

Approximate "height" in degrees of the crescent moon (altitude) above the local horizon :    Almost touching the horizon

Approximate horizontal distance in degrees of the crescent moon (Azimuth) from the Sun:    4º 41’ (vertical separation from the Sun 10º 42’)

Orientation of each of the "horns" (both ends) and of the middle of the crescent moon :    Please see crescent photograph

Whether the "sighting" was with an unaided eye or were any optical aid utilized. If a binoculars or telescope were used, details of the instrument:    Not visible with an unaided eye. Camera used to photograph new moon. Please see above photograph of location of the observation to get idea about the distance. Camera details are as follows. Canon EOS Rebel T1i , f/5,6 , Exp. 1/10 sec , Focal 55 mm , ISO 200 , 07/08/2013 19:25 local time (22:25 UT)

Were you alone for the photograph or were you assisted? If the latter, how many persons?    Participated two persons: Andrea Monaldi and Elvio Alanis (both physicists)