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A word about gender, if you don’t mind

Gender is a new sexual ideology defined as the study of the male and the female genders.
It was started by Wilhem Reich and vigorously defended by Herbert Marcuse and Simone de Beauvoir, or more recently by Judith Betler.

This theory is based on a number of postulates:
     1) Masculinity and femininity would not be structurally determined by sexual identity.
     2) Sex refers to an unformed nature yet to be modelled by culture.
     3) Gender belongs to the realm of language and culture.
     4) There are several genders: 5 to 10, or even more: hetero ♂, hetero ♀, homo, lesbian, bisexual, pederasty commonly called pedophilia, transvestite, transsexual etc.
     5) Heterosexuality is just a sexual orientation amongst others. It is not specifically linked to procreation.

Thus have been dissociated:
     - At first : desire and procreation,
     - Then: procreation and mating,
     - Then: procreation and kinship.
Nowadays, in the postmodern era, dissociating procreation and sexual difference has become quite acceptable : one is made to believe that the child could go through all stages, starting from conception to parturition, going through the temporary phase of gestation and soon simply of broodiness, all this far from any sexual differentiation.
An ideological power at play is endeavouring to destroy the symbolic and institutional links of sexuality, a sexuality which is at the core of psychic life.

How does postmodernity destroy the symbolic function?
     - Simply by negating it, just as it negates other psychic or bodily realities inherent to each gender.
     - To try and regain a hypothetical drive, a drive freed from all elaboration, a drive uncluttered by defilement, a drive cleansed of all cultural, historical or juridical soiling.
Thus, Derida’s “ideal of a vacuity of thought”, a concept very dear to the philosopher, will be attained!
For that matter, the Pr. Bernard Debré, a urologist, when speaking of the therapeutic necessity of cultivating embryos to extract stem cells, does not hesitate to explicitly refer to the end of the Homo Sapiens, in his book “The revenge of the snake, or the end of the Homo Sapiens” (La revanche du serpent ou la fin de l’homo sapiens, by Le Cherche Midi publishers). The end of Homo Sapiens, that is to say, the end of the Wise Man. It is true, each day man separates himself more and more from his specific wisdom. And, in doing so, he strips himself, slowly but surely, of the principal attribute of Humanity.

The young, and even the less young, are conditioned by the mobile telephone, by computers and by screens in general. “They are formatted by the media diffused by adults who have destroyed their faculty of attention by reducing the duration of the images to 7 seconds and the response time to 15 seconds… The most repeated word is death. The most repeated image is that of the corpse…” as very advisedly underlined by Michel Serres in the newspaper Le Monde of 6-7 March 2011. They live in a virtual world. A very friendly world, in all appearance, but in reality much less enchanted. Because superficial and often generating dependence and cruelty! They are spied upon by their own mobile phones. Their spatial and temporal location, their least whisperings, are registered in real time by servers, operators and electronic bulletin boards.

Finally, one word about the economic and financial aspects of this trendy ideology

Very briefly, let us consider the size (never big enough) of the postmodern company, and its benefits (never high enough).
The precariousness of the employees’ conditions, on the other hand, has never been so widespread.
Let us also consider the complete contrast between normal civic attitudes on the one hand, and the anti-civic attitudes more and more frequently imposed by the employers upon the employees on the other (as stated in Le Monde diplomatique of March 2006, article by the sociologist Danièle Linhardt).
Take for instance the pharmaceutical enterprises.
It is obvious that they tend to merge and form trusts!
Prestigious and wasteful gatherings are regularly organised for doctors-prescribers from all over the world, who are carefully selected to congregate, to be pampered and often cajoled into a certain attitude.
The promotion of such medicines as Ritalin for instance is easily achieved. A chemical straightjacket for children whom we do not know how to educate!
And on the other hand, a medicine such as Biostin has been withdrawn from the market.
Even though the medical corps has unanimously held Biostin to be a very efficient vaccination against chronic respiratory diseases, not to mention that it used to cost no more that 3 euros.
When I expressed my disappointment about this arbitrary, unjustified withdrawal by the laboratories in front of a person well versed in the matter at hand, she remarked that the banks were to be incriminated. “Yes, -she added-, the banks have to be blamed, since the banks not only own most of companies and pharmaceutical laboratories, but also often induce, and always impose usurious practices in the economical management of society.”!

To summarise my subject matter, I will quote Jacques Bouveresse, distinguished philosophy professor at the Collège de France.

Professor Bouveresse accuses “the media power [of being] the main and even almost the sole culprit in this masquerade. Criticism is mostly devoid of any kind of meaning, of any kind of detachment and moreover, of a true critical will”.
The manipulation goes unnoticed by the citizens.
People are mesmerised by the discourse of the media.
They do not realise that they have surrogate brains, that television and computers impose thought processes, hate and desires through a carefully orchestrated montage of images, and cleverly biased comments.
The spell is clearly identified as one, elaborately dissected and unveiled to broad daylight by insightful researchers as Thomas Deltombe’s whose book entitled: “ The Imaginary Islam or the Media Construction of Islamophobia in France” (L’Islam imaginaire ou la construction médiatique de l’islamophobie en France, La Découverte publishers) appropriately illustrates merits of this analysis.
As Tony Anatrella puts it in “The Reign of Narcissus” (Le règne de Narcisse), “to befuddle the minds and induce belief in the most questionable theses, nothing works like fiction”.
Yes, great is the power of fiction!