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Contemporary art is very significant in this regard

Be it pictorial, sculptural or architectural, contemporary art generally underlines the crisis of inwardness.
The play of rudimentary objects, materials, shapes and colours easily lends itself to this interpretation.
The viewer finds him/herself in the position of a schizophrenic always seeking to interpret words, gestures and sounds as real significations, whereas they actually are just pure delirium.

Not to forget literature

Besides quasi pornographic novels published by the famous - and formerly prestigious - publishers Gallimard – “Stiff Red Sex”, “Sweaty smells”, “Multiple Orgasms” (Sexes raides rouges, Odeurs de Transpiration, Orgasmes à répétition) –, a new trend has appeared : emancipation.
Objective norms should be given up so that each person may re-invent him/herself. Here is the submission by J.C. Kaufman in « The invention of the Self : a theory of Identity” (L’invention de soi : une théorie de l’identité).
What we have here is actually a deception sold to all, and it sells rather well: never before were there so many addictions: drugs, cyberaddiction, emotional addictions, cults, therapies…
Not to forget that in the postmodern era, the qualities which an employer seeks in an employee are generally submissiveness, conformism and the forsaking of any personal way of thinking. As Danièle Linhart writes in Le Monde diplomatique of March 2006, “the employee sells himself/herself to the company”. In order to keep his/her place in a job market which can be defined by an ever-greater scarcity of seats, the employee has to fully agree to being dispossessed of himself/herself and of his/her time.
To such an extent that people who are being invited to invent themselves do not know anymore how to behave in the world of small humble daily duties. They do not know anymore how to muster up enough imagination to find practical solutions for facing the day-to-day events of life, the way older generations knew how to.

After the “Invention of the Self”, let us discuss psychic bisexuality

Psychic bisexuality is not the fact of having concomitantly a male and a female sex. It is not hermaphroditism as is the case for Gastropods, and more exactly snails which copulate head-to-tail.
Psychic bisexuality is the result of the mental integration during childhood and adolescence of:
     - The difference between the sexes
     - Sexual alterity
     The mechanisms behind this integration are as follows:
     - Thanks to the presence of the father and the mother,
     - Thanks to the presence of a variety of persons in the surroundings, the subject will internalise the opposite sex.

A broad consensus has always prevailed among psychologists and psychoanalysts, particularly with Freud, about sexual normality being brought by:
     1) A resolved Oedipus complex
     2) The acceptance of the castration anxiety
     3) The acceptance of the interdiction of incest
     4) The internalisation of the difference between the sexes

A failure of psychic bisexuality can have the following consequences:
     1) the negation or even the denial of the difference between the sexes
    2) the rule of confusion, i.e. the individual, instead of referring to the interaction of the paternal and maternal images, adopts the fantasy of confusion
   3) instead of internalising his/her own sexual identity, he/her will slide towards sexual tendencies such as homosexuality, transsexualism, transvestism…

In our times, it is common to speak about societal problems to refer to problems intrinsic to individual psychology.
The person then lives with an identity avatar. How does the person experience this avatar? - With a feeling where persecution, narcissism and erotic attraction towards persons of the same sex all coexist.
This person then feels victimised and suffers from a persecution complex, which actually originates in a conflict between him/her and himself/herself, a conflict underplayed by his/her own desires and his/her own emotional investments.
But never mind! In the eyes of such a person, the others are wrong, being homophobic! Though in proper French, etymologically, homophobia designates the fear of the “same”. What does this have to do with homosexuality?
Who is afraid of the “same”?
Isn’t it rather the opposite: those who suffer from fear, the intimate fear of the other sex, the fear intrinsic to homosexual tendencies, keep attempting to project it onto others, in order to release their anguish, an anguish fed by their own heterophobia?

Remember: the heirs of May 1968 used to repeat: “It is forbidden to forbid”. And now the very same people are busy forging laws which are increasingly oppressive and restrictive.

They impose catch phrases to exert fear and censure, and to arrest any likely protest. They lobbied their opinions left, right and centre, to sure victories:
     - In 1973, the A.P.A. (American Psychiatric Association) voted the deletion of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses by a majority of around 60%.
      - Later on, the W.H.O., France and several other countries followed suit.
     - Last but not least, the U.N.F.P.A. (United Nations Population Fund) as well as the European Parliament have made an appeal to societies to organise themselves according to sexual orientations, instead of focusing on sexual identity.

However, and this has been proven, the more society will give value to partial drives and sexual indiscrimination, the more deadly violence will flourish, particularly juvenile violence.
We are moving toward a society of fear and distrust. This fear nowadays appears through impulsive reactions: people assail each other as if they could not bear each other anymore.
Just like in this episode wherein a 17-year old adolescent, feeling aggressed by the mocking smile of a classmate, shoots at him with a shotgun and kills him.
A simple look wrongly interpreted by a paranoid mind led to a criminal act! What one sometimes forgets, and what one often conceals, is that such tragedies are very often the direct consequence of the non-elaboration of the partial drives on which homosexuality thrives.
Homosexuality is gradually becoming the gauge for the literary, the scientific, the psychiatric, the psychoanalytic and, of course, the political discourses!